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dermabrasion and microdermabrasionlaser hair removalbody contouringfacialscosmetic botox is used on lines between eyebrows around the eyes and also to control excessive underarm perspirationMedical Spas have a patient base of nearly 85% femalebotox does not work on wrinkles caused by sun damageBotox injections take only a few minutes with no down timeMore than 2.5 million Americans receive Botox injections each yearMost Botox patients are between the ages of 40-59Experts generally don't recommend getting Botox treatment until after the age of 30The states with the most MedSpas are Texas Florida and CaliforniaBy 2005 Medspas began falling under HIPAA guidelines just like any other medical settingAvoiding wrinkles - wash your face with cool water as hot water is very drying to the skindermal fillerswrinkle erasurelaser skin rejuvenatationrf microneedlingbotox was approved by the FDA in 2002Botox results typically last up to 3-4 monthsPreventative Botox can be used to avoid wrinkles in the most common areasPreventative Botox can be used to avoid wrinkles in the most common areasBotox injections work by blocking muscle movement that creates lines and wrinklesBotox is approved for use in patients aged 18-85As the popularity of MedSpas have increased the number of Botox treatment have one up 41%MedSpas are required to carry the same type of medical malpractice insurance as other medical facilitiesthe MedSpa industry revenue has now risen to $19 billion annuallyMedSpas often offer non-medical services too such as massage, aromatherapy, manicures, pedicures and facialsAvoiding wrinkles - wash your face with cool water as hot water is very drying to the skinfillers and relaxersskin smoothers and fillerschemical peelsmicroblading lash lifting lash extensionsbotox can be used to treat migraine headachesMore is not better when it comes to Botox treatment. Do not exceed the recommended amountBotox results can be seen immediately getting you instant cosmetic gratificationBotox is most often used to smooth the lines between the eyebrowsToo much Botox can cause a frozen face' Never allow anyone other than a licensed professional to administer Botox injectionsMedical Spas are described as a hybrid between a typical day spa and an aesthetic medical centerMost states will only allow Botox and other treatments if they are done under the supervision of a licensed medical professionalMedSpas are unique due to the fact that licensed medical professionals practice in tandem with spa therapistsMost MedSpas see an average of 10 patients per dayAvoiding wrinkles stay hydrated - drinking lots of water is absolutely crucial for healthy glowing skinhydrafacialfat reductiondiamond microdermabrasionsteeth whiteningbotox injectionsBotox works by relaxing the muscles that create lines. With consistent treatment you will have a smoother appearanceBotox injections are not painful and use very tiny needles you can barely feelThe average cost for a Botox procedure is $392Most people say Botox injections are far less painful than tweezing eyebrowsMedSpa FAQs Botox is still the number one non-surgical procedure since 2000The pupularity of MedSpas has soared since 2002 raising the standards for the procedures offered to that of any other medical facilityBy 2017 there were more than 4,200 MedSpas across the countryOne of the best ways to avoid wrinkles is to get enough sleepAvoiding wrinkles choose an oil-based moisturizer that is rich in vitamins

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