24 Hour Emergency Veterinary

If you love your pets the way I do, there is no other emergency service that’s more important than a Sacramento veterinarian. When your fur baby is hurting, it’s hard to know whether they’ll heal on their own, need to be treated immediately, or something in between.

Last summer I noticed that my Oscar, a long-haired standard dachshund, was breathing hard. Was it normal or was it just that the heat was getting to him. I made a late Friday afternoon appointment with my regular vet clinic, but things went wrong and I was running late. I called and was informed that the veterinarian on duty couldn’t wait. The receptionist recommended that I call Vista Veterinary if I decided that I needed animal medical care at night or on the weekend.

A couple hours later, I decided better to be safe than sorry. Oscar and I took the Lyft over to their office. After Oscar’s examination, including an xray and some other tests, I was told that he was having heart failure. They were going to keep him overnight, give him some meds to reduce the fluids that had been accumulating in his lungs and monitor him.

All’s well in the end. The next morning they said as long as he takes his meds, he’ll be just fine. I could have hugged the vet.

Vista Veterinary Specialists
7425 Greenhaven Dr
Sacramento, CA 95831
Phone: (916) 231-4445

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Julie Gallaher


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