hwy 50 wagon trail

Join the Historic Journey with the 75th Annual Highway 50 Association Wagon Train

Step back in time and join the 75th Annual Highway 50 Association Wagon Train, a vivid reenactment that celebrates the adventurous spirit of California’s early pioneers. This immersive event, steeped in the traditions and challenges of the 19th-century westward expansion, offers participants a unique opportunity to experience the life of early settlers and the rigorous journey they undertook.

Scheduled to commence on the first week of June, this year’s wagon train will cover several miles of scenic California landscapes, culminating in a grand arrival in Placerville. Participants can register as horse riders or wagon passengers, with each role providing a distinct historical perspective. Experienced riders with their own horses, or those renting, can gallop alongside the wagons, while those in wagons, dressed in authentic period attire, will get a feel for the slow, rocking pace of early travel.

The event strictly adheres to historical accuracy. All costumes and wagons must reflect the era, with no modern materials like rubber tires or plastic allowed. The procession includes a series of stops where participants gather around campfires for a nightly Pow Wow, sharing stories and meals much like the travelers of yesteryear.

This year’s journey not only commemorates the past but also fosters a deep appreciation for the hardships and triumphs of those who shaped the West. It’s an educational experience that resonates with families, history buffs, and adventure seekers alike, providing an authentic glimpse into the pioneering days of California.

Celebrate Placerville’s Rich History at Golden History Days and Wagon Train Event

On June 8th, the historical heart of Placerville will come alive during the Golden History Days and Wagon Train event. This unique festival transforms Main Street into a bustling hub of historical reenactments, cultural celebrations, and community festivities from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

The day’s activities are designed to educate and entertain, featuring an array of living history performers who recreate scenes from California’s early days. Visitors will be able to stroll through an antique street fair, where they can find artifacts and treasures that speak to the area’s rich past. Local food trucks will offer a taste of the region’s culinary delights, and diverse cultural music will fill the air, echoing the varied influences that have shaped this community.

The highlight of the festival is the much-anticipated arrival of the Wagon Train at the Belltower at 3:00 PM. This dramatic reenactment pays tribute to the enduring legacy of the early settlers who traveled vast distances to make California their home. The procession features authentically dressed participants and historically accurate wagons, providing a vivid window into the past.

This event not only celebrates Placerville’s historical significance but also strengthens community ties, bringing together residents and visitors to share in the collective heritage of the West. Whether you’re a local history enthusiast or a visitor looking to experience the authentic culture of California, the Golden History Days and Wagon Train offers a meaningful and engaging journey through time.

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