Tiger: Bar. Bites. Carts.

Feed your need for instant gratification.

By embracing the underground graffiti from decades passed, while infusing the 700 block with modern-day Sacramento culture, the much-anticipated Tiger Bar & Restaurant has brought to K Street a hint of Downtown Sacramento’s vibrant past, present, and future.

The New Kid on the [700] Block promises a perpetual happy hour complete with a kaleidoscope of graffiti, neon, and luxe velvet. This is an entirely unexpected experience that once you see and taste it for yourself, you fully understand what it means to be “filthy gorgeous.”

At first glance, Tiger appears to be a simple bar lounge, then as you venture in deeper, the space grows – instantly transporting you from Sacramento’s K Street to a filthy gorgeous world. Whether you sit on one of the plush velvet-upholstered seats above the reverse-mezzanine or find a place down below with the perfect Instagram-worthy graffiti mural backdrop on the outskirts of the lower horseshoe bar, you’ll quickly be presented with beverage options and small bites wheeled tableside on dim sum carts. As you enjoy finely-tuned cocktails and irresistible renditions of classic bar food bites that you didn’t realize
could be so good (or so addicting); the Tiger experience feeds your need for instant gratification. Keeping as true to the roots of our city as the graffiti that remains on the walls, Tiger also pays homage to the growing Sacramento art scene. While enjoying the Tiger’s Milk – a namesake cocktail of coconut milk, crème de cacao, hazelnut liqueur, and gin – your eye may catch the works of local Sacramento legends and artists including Tyson Anthony Roberts, Jake Castro, and David Garibaldi. The contrast between the gritty street art and fresh paintings serves as a nod to artists from our community’s storied past, while drawing on the new wave of murals and street art that Sacramento has become known for.

Tiger goes beyond ticking all the boxes necessary to be considered a good downtown spot in Sacramento – it is setting the standard for what it takes to become a destination in this city; a must-try favorite set among the ever-expanding landscape of amazing bars and restaurants in the heart of
Downtown Sacramento.

Tiger 700 Block
722 K St
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 382-9610

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Julie Gallaher

Sacramento is my town! During my 25 year+ career in marketing & advertising, I've worked with over a thousand local Sacramento businesses. I'm happy to share my favorites with you.


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