Married at Yosemite

Where would you go if you were looking to elope in the most beautiful, nature-filled environment, infused with a feeling of spirituality and history, and grandeur? What if you wanted to share your wedding day with your closest family and share a place that is a special adventure for all? What if you wanted a destination wedding that could be anything you want – whether it’s a sweet little elopement, with just the two of you, plus your photographer and me? Or maybe you would prefer a larger group, standing in a meadow in front of a waterfall or a majestic mountain? Or maybe you’d like to have a wedding ceremony that overflows with friends and family, held on a grassy field, where deer might just pass by during the ceremony and your reception will be in the most elegant hotel filed with history? Yosemite offers all these options and so much more.

Hi, I’m Cindie Wilding and I have been writing, one of a kind, made from scratch ceremonies, just for each one of my couples for 9 years now, each one designed to tell your unique love story. I live in the Sacramento area and so naturally perform weddings at all the locations in the greater Sacramento area as well as Lake Tahoe. But Yosemite holds my heart and the ceremonies I perform there are very special to me. After more than 30 weddings performed there, I know all of the locations where you can hold your ceremony, the ins and outs of the Park and I love the natural beauty of Yosemite, so I’m happy to help with any ideas or help you may need.

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If you are considering such a destination wedding, I’d be so very honored to talk with you and get to know you. If you are looking for a ceremony that will not be a cookie cutter version of every other ceremony you might have been to then I would love to sit down and chat with you. Feel free to check out my website where I have photos of weddings and lots of happy reviews from clients.

Cindie Wilding


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Cindie Wilding

Being an inquisitive leader and joyous celebrant has led me to today and a practice that includes ceremonies of all kinds -- Weddings, Commitment Ceremonies, Home and Baby Blessings, Funerals and any other thing you might wish to celebrate!


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