Is a Granny Flat the Solution You Have Been Looking For?

Many adults are now finding that not only are they raising their children, but they are also caring for their aging parents. This leads to numerous challenges as these individuals try to balance their work and home life. Individuals in this situation may find they want to bring their parents to live with them. How can this be done while allowing everyone their own personal space and independence? A Granny Flat may be the solution they have been searching for.

What Is a Granny Flat?

A granny flat is either an in-law suite within the home or a separate dwelling established on the same property as a person’s main residence. While the name implies it is for grandmothers, the unit can actually be used by anyone in need of a residence. Families may offer it to a nanny or other live-in help or a college student could rent the residence as opposed to living in a dorm with many other people. Most residences of this type fall into the tiny house category and many are fine with the limited space, as it is their own.

The Benefits of a Granny Flat

A granny flat, often called an accessory dwelling, is established on the same property as the main residence but gives all parties their privacy and own space. The children and parents are close by, so the adult isn’t pulled in different directions as often, and the inclusion of the grandparents is often a blessing also. The parents know they have someone available who loves and cares for their children as much as they do. This can be of great help when a parent is running late and needs someone to get the child off the bus or has a doctor’s appointment and the babysitter cancels at the last minute.

Individuals who are considering a Sacramento remodel or those who have an aging parent residing with them should consider this option. As the American population is aging and more seniors will need additional care, numerous families would benefit from the inclusion of a granny flat. It is a good investment due to the increase in seniors in the country who will be needing new housing and a great way to keep loved ones close. Consider adding a flat of this type on your property today. It’s a move you won’t regret.

Here’s the Granny Flat I Want!

  • 2 Car Garage with studio apartment overhead

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